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Care charging news stories

picture of Fereshteh-Khosroujerdy holding a bundle of papers

16 December, 2021

‘The cost of care has left me scared to shop’

A blind woman facing “extortionate” fees for her care has said she fears going shopping.

wheelchair user at Woolwich Town hall giving evidence at a Cabinet meeting

2 November, 2021

'Smoke and mirrors' hide cuts hitting Greenwich

Controversial cuts to adult social care in Greenwich have left some disabled people worried about their futures 

Rear view of people with placards and posters on a protest march

August 23, 2021

Disabled adults hit by steep care charge rises

Disabled adults in England are being hit by a steep rise in the amount they have to pay towards their care, BBC News research reveals.

Woman in a wheelchair at the park with family

May 14, 2021

Free Home Care in Hammermsith and Fulham

Hammersmith & Fulham is the only council in the country to provide free comprehensive home care. Find out more how the council abolished care charges for home care. 

women in a wheelchair giving evidence

April 13 , 2018

Charging for support: a tax on disability and old age

Jenny Morris details the experiences of people challenging care charges in response to the Independent Living Strategy Group's call for evidence

Liverpool town hall

16 December, 2021

Disabled campaigners call for Liverpool to set example

A disabled activist calls on her council to abandon “immoral” plans to increase charges

A winvisible banner - women with visible and invisible disabilities

28 October, 2021

Camden charged with lacking care

Hammersmith chose not to implement the charges. But Camden continues to do so.

group of disability campaigners outside the town hall campaigning against care charges

June 13, 2021

File on 4, investigates the cost of care

File on 4 investigates the new challenges of providing home care during the Covid-19 pandemic and how Disabled adults 

women in a wheelchair giving evidence

December 18, 2020

Severely disabled woman wins her claim

A 24-year-old Down syndrome woman has won her claim that Norfolk County Council’s decision to increase her care charges is discriminatory and breaches her human rights. 

 Latin senior couple having romantic moment embrac on rooftop during sunset

April 13 , 2018

Charging for social care: A tax on the need for support

The Independent Living Strategy Group carried out a study of local authority charges for social care, exploring how care charges 

Protestors holding various banners

10 December, 2021

Disabled women’s fight to survive 

The “lifetime cap on care charges” so people don’t have to sell their home to pay residential home fees, is a con.

London, England - Iconic red double decker bus on the move at the world famous stables market in Camden Town

28 October, 2021

Scrap awful and unfair care charges

Camden is taking benefits from sick and severely disabled women through extortionate home care charges.

girl with down syndrome walking with parents

June 10 2021

BBC Radio  4 explores the care charging scandal

Radio 4, You and Yours examines the care charging scandal. The programme includes an  interview with Hammersmith and Fulham Council.


January 13, 2021

Using the law to challenge charges for social care

Jenny Morris explains the High Court decision which found Norfolk County Council’s proposed new charging policy discriminated against people with high support needs.

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